We’re Back!!

Well its been a while but we are finally back online.

Term 1 was extremely busy as I was concentrating on introducing a new teaching model for writing and incorporating visible learning into my program as well. Over the next few weeks, I hope to post a few examples of what we have been doing that has kept us so busy.

What’s NEW?
Podcasts – Book of the Year Awards 2014

Listen to some of my students read a few of our favourite pieces from the nominated books.

Banjo and Ruby Red – Harleigh
Meet Captain Cook – Michael

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Mental Maths Wall

Recently I saw a really neat idea posted by Paul Broadbent on his blog – Linking a working wall to learning journey and this is our first attempt.

Miss Mutton and the students have been working hard on developing our mental maths strategies and this concept has provided us with a clear pathway towards achieving our class objective.

Our Mental Maths Wall

Our Mental Maths Wall



Mental Maths Wall on PhotoPeach

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A new breed of scientists

This week our year 7 students visited Newton Moore Senor High School to partake in a science lesson about wind turbines. They certainly looked the part!!

What did you find interesting about the visit?

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This week we had a visit from  Nola Marino who came to present a number of talks about Cyber Safety to both students and parents at Cooinda.

The talk covered a broad range of information and gave everyone some really good ideas to ensure we were cyber safe. I was particularly interested in the section on our digital footprint.

“Everything you post adds up to make your digital footprint.”

To keep our footprints small, the following ideas were shared;

  • keep your personal details private
  • don’t share your username or password with anyone
  • think before you hit send or post
  • don’t post anything you don’t want others to know about you
  • remember that private images and videos may be passed onto others
  • be respectful of other people’s content that you post or share


Cyber Safe Talks

The key message was – You need to be




 What did you take from the talk?

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Another Term Ends

Well, its been another busy term and as usual, I never finished everything I started.

We have tried a few things and I was pleased with how they turned out. In particular, my students are getting used to giving constructive feedback to each other and most importantly, to myself. I hope to share some of their feedback next term.

We have used quite a few apps.  This week we had a go at T-Charts and Educreations. I can happily recommend both. No doubt I will spend some time over the holidays thinking of how to make use of these and other resources.

I am also looking forward to working with Miss Mutton next term as she embarks on her ATP.

Enjoy your short break!


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Visual Poet

As part of our language rotations this week we are using the app ‘Visual Poet’.

Today’s group did a good job and found it easy to use. Calista submitted the following and I’d thought I’d post it so I can share it with her peers tomorrow.

Gandali The Whale

Author: Meredith Hooper
Illustrator: Anita Mertzlin

Publisher: Red Fox

It gives a great message and it’s a great adventure that Gandali went on.

Gandali The Whale

Our Haiku Decks – A Term in Review

We have all now had the opportunity to use the Haiku Deck app to create a visual image about Term 1. I haven’t been able to embed them into my blog yet but have inserted them as a PDF for you to see how creative we are.




Embarrass Your Teacher Day 2

Well, it turned out to be a most enjoyable day. Congratulations to all the brave staff members for making me feel not so embarrassed by coming in some amazing costumes.

Mrs B and Miss S managed to pedal their tricycles around for the day and the staff from Room 6 did the birdie dance, on the hour, every hour. We were even treated to an in-tune rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ over the P.A. by none other than Mrs B.

Some excellent photos can be found here.



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Embarrass Your Teacher Day

Well, it has finally arrived. The day I have been dreading for a month now!

Our Student Leaders and two classes got together earlier in the year and decided that one of their goals was to raise enough money to help build a house in Bali. As a fund raiser, they thought that EMBARRASS YOUR TEACHER DAY was a good concept. In order to particpate, each class had to raise a certain amount and it seems my class had no difficulty passing that target. The class could then decide how they would like to embarrass their teacher. We had plenty of suggestions but I finally decided to pull rank and …..

agreed to come as my favourite person – My Mum. The only problem for me was that I walk to school.

I will post a few photos of the day as I’m sure there will be some embarrassing moments well worth sharing.

You may wonder what I looked like as I walked to work today (I certainly cut a lonely figure). I’m sure my neighbour had a few questions as he drove past me. I’m also a little concerned what my hair will look like once I take the rollers out ;-)

embarrass 002

embarrass 001

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Mental Maths – Number Crunching

A few weeks ago for Mental Maths we started playing a game called Number Crunching. As a challenge, I asked the students to design a new game board so that we could play it effectively using a ten sided dice (1-10). Today we had the opportunity to try a few of the suggestions.

I was really impressed with the game board that Mitchell came up with and so have posted it on here for anyone interested in playing the game. To help you, I have also asked him to produce a quick video explaining the rules.

Under our Maths page over the next few weeks we hope to add a short description of the different games we play that help us with our mental maths.

Number Crunching Gameboard

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